St. Louis Charter Bus Rental Services – Visit the Top Attractions


St. Louis is a beautiful Midwestern city situated in the state of Missouri (United States). Displaying a brilliant merge of cosmopolitan lifestyle and southern heritage, this city has many charming spots that need to be visited for sure when you plan for an unforgettable St. Louis vacation. Founded in 1764 by the French fur traders namely Auguste Chouteau Pierre Laclède, the city is actually named after Louis IX of France. St. Louis is the second largest city of the state of Missouri and is also considered as the largest metropolitan area in this state. Located on the bank (western) of Mississippi River, this lovely city of St. Louis gives you many wonderful options to be explored. Let us check out the top ones below! And yes, you can visit all these spots with the help of efficient St. Louis charter bus rental services.

The Amazing Gateway Arch

Meant to honor President Thomas Jefferson, this magnificent arch was built during 1960s. The arch was considered as the Gateway to the West by the President. You can visit the top of the arch (approximately 630 ft. above the ground) with the help of a tram that can be taken from the arch’s riverfront area. Once you reach the top, you get a brilliant view and feel. You can reach the Gateway Arch with the help of any proficient coach bus.

Exciting Paddle-wheel (Boat River Cruise)

Looking for an exciting cruise trip to Mississippi River? Well, you will get many types of cruises to enjoy and thus, you need to choose carefully. You can also take help of the paddle wheel boats that will give you a fabulous experience of exploring the Mississippi River! The design of these unique paddle boats is inspired by the boats of nineteenth century. Along with beautiful views of the river, you would also get to enjoy a memorable lunch or dinner on the river side. However, you will have to choose the dinner/brunch cruise specifically for fulfilling this purpose.

The Beautiful Forest Park

This amazing Forest Park gives you a plethora of exciting activities to be enjoyed and experienced. Many of these activities are dependent on the fact that in which month you plan to visit this unique park which is famous for hosting the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (one of the best Fairs of the World) in 1904. Some of the top activities here include ice skating, playing golf, enjoying picnics, walking around and yet many more! The park has also got many lovely lakes where you can do relaxed fishing.

The Wonderful Museum Called Magic House

Magic House is also one of the major attractions of St. Louis city and can be visited by anyone including children. The schools can take help of school bus rental services and can let children explore this amazing museum that sits in a mansion of Victorian style. The place can also be visited taking help of party bus rental or van rental services depending upon your choice and size of group. The museum has many interesting attractions like the Jack & the Beanstalk climber, the expedition of Lewis and Clark and yet more.

A Must Visit St. Louis Zoo

Your tour bus rental services will take you to the famous St. Louis Zoo also. No matter which mini bus rental service you choose for visiting this zoo, the point is that the place can be visited free of cost. Thus, you can choose any bus for hire while planning to explore this amazing zoo which houses a great variety of animals including more than seven hundred different species.

Grant’s Farm Offering a Great Family Tour

Grant’s Farm is yet another attraction of St. Louis city which is a must visit for every traveller. Expanded on the area of 281 acres, this place can be visited with the help of a tram. However, you can reach this place by hiring any good bus company. You will be amazed to find over nine hundred animals that consist of over hundred species.

The Stirring City Museum

Once you reach City Museum with the help of some authentic charter bus rental St. Louis services, you will feel thrilled! Housed in an exceptionally vast warehouse, the City Museum at St. Louis is a mix of fun house, playground and more. The Giant Praying Mantis and other such attractions at this place will leave you mesmerized. 


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