Minneapolis–The Twin City with Multiple Gifts!

Are you an avid fan of Shakespeare’s plays? Do you love visiting the vast museums that indicate towards the rich and glorious history of the past? Are you ready to witness the amazing phenomenon that explains how urban architecture can be blended perfectly with nature and its gifts? If yes, hold your breath as we take you on a ride to the beautiful and attractive spots of Minneapolis. But before we do so, why not know and understand the city better through its geographical setting!

Well, to begin with, let us tell you that Minneapolis is known as the largest city in the Minnesota state of USA. Minneapolis and Saint Paul city are together known as Twin Cities. These two cities form the lively   metropolitan area around Minnesota, Mississippi &St. Croix Rivers. Minneapolis is located at Mississippi River’s banks and the city is the largest among the two Twin Cities (the other one being St. Paul).

Minneapolis is known for its beautiful natural gifts as well as many adorable attractions built by the creativity of human efforts. The city has got mesmerizing waterfalls, lakes and superb atmosphere that call for a significant tourist footfall every year. Given below are some of the best spots to visit in the city.

  • Weisman Art Museum – The Weisman Art Museum is one of the top attractions of Minneapolis which has been designed creatively and impressively by Frank Gehry. The wonderful architecture as well as the unique shape of this museum will give you a jaw-drop experience while the interior items will catch your attention instantly. You can hire the perfect coach bus or the mini bus rental services to visit this lovely place.
  • The Children’s Theatre Company – Want to enjoy even more plays of all kinds? Well, then this is the perfect place to do so in Minneapolis. The place stages plays of all age groups and entertain you at its best.
  • Minnehaha Park – Visit the lovely Minnehaha Falls or admire the Hiawatha & Minnehaha statues. Get engrossed in the beauty of nature or simply get relaxed in the surroundings. The Minnehaha Park at Minneapolis will refresh you completely! You can visit this lovely and one of the oldest spots of the city with the help of any charter bus rental services that will guide you to even other spots.
  • Guthrie Theater – Get efficient van rental services or charter bus rental services in Minneapolis and visit this wonderful theater. One of the oldest theaters of the world, the Guthrie Theater is a treat for all those who love watching and enjoying Shakespeare’s plays. Even till date the plays of Shakespeare are produced here along with numerous other contemporary plays. The place has three stunning stages. Even the schools can plan a trip to this amazing place with the help of school bus rental services or tour bus rental services available in this city.
  • The Mill City Museum – This is another attraction which is a must visit for every visitor. Built on the ruins of 1880’s Mill, this museum will simply take you to the past
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Art – Visit this place to witness the wonderful items from every corner of the world.
How to Get the Best Travel Experience in Minneapolis?

This wonderful city named as Minneapolis is not only about going to the famous spots or admiring the beauty of nature. Rather, there is lot more that awaits you there! The city is dotted with numerous appealing dining options where you can enjoy the sumptuous food along with the lively music that will satiate your body and soul. However, you need to get help of a professional and authentic bus company that provides unparalleled charter bus rental services in Minneapolis. Getting the right bus for hire will help you enjoy the following advantages:

  • You will get nice, luxurious and comfy coach buses for travel.
  • You will get knowledgeable and experienced drivers who ensure driving safely.
  • You will get flexible travel plans.
  • You charter bus rental services will give you the perfect buses as per your size of group.
  • These buses will have the most efficient and modern facilities life Wi-Fi, flat screens, reclining seats and anything that you expect.
  • You will get to enjoy all this in affordable cost.

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