Things to Do in Jersey City, NJ

Places to Visit/Things to Do

The Liberty State Park, located in the Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, is one of the most popular parks in the New Jersey-New York border area. The state park is opposite both Liberty Island and Ellis Islands, offering great views of the popular attractions. The Liberty State Park is open every day of the week from 6 in the morning to 10 at night. Entering the park itself is free, but the ferry rides to Liberty Island do cost money. Ferry rides for adults cost $7, $6 for seniors over 62 and for adults in a group of 25 or more, and $3 for the kids. These ferry rides go to both the Liberty Island and Ellis Islands. Parking at the park does cost a bit, coming in at only $5 per car.


The Liberty Science Center is one of the most popular science museums in New Jersey. They feature everything including plenty of hands-on exhibits. The Liberty Science Center is also the home of the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Films and shows played at the planetarium teach visitors about the vast galaxies and wonders outside of our world. The Liberty Science Center also features educational programs and events for your little ones. The hours of the science museum varies, depending on any events and things going on. Admission to the science center costs $22.75 for adults and $18.75 for kids aged 2 to 12.


Jersey City and New York City both share a fair number of historical sites. One of the main ones in Jersey City is the Empty Sky Memorial. The Empty Sky Memorial is the 9/11 tribute in New Jersey. It is located in Liberty State Park. The memorial features two metal pieces from the World Trade Center, and two columns filled with names. If you’re in the area or waiting to see the Statue of Liberty from the Jersey side, pay your respects to this well-done memorial. The Empty Sky Memorial is open every day from 6 in the morning to 10 at night. The memorial is free to observe, but ferry rides from Liberty State Park do cost money (read above).


Lincoln Park is the largest park of Hudson County, comprised of a bit more than 273 acres. It features everything a park needs, from sports facilities to trails that showcase the flora and fauna of the area. Originally known as West Side Park when the park opened in 1905, it has become a popular attractions among those who want to relax in the outdoors. Lincoln Park is also host to a multitude of events and activities, such as festivals and programs. Since Lincoln Park is a public park, admission is free, but certain activities and events hosted in the park may cost money. They also don’t have operating hours for the actual park, but activities and events may operate within certain hours.


If you’re looking for popular art museums in the area, you can drive about 30 minutes away to New York City, where the Whitney Museum of American Art is located. The Whitney Museum of American Art, popularly known as Whitney, is a popular art museum based primarily of 20th and contemporary art from artists from the United States. Many pieces within the museum are works of artists still living. Tickets to the art museum cost $25 for adults, $18 for seniors, those with disabilities, and students, and free for those aged 18 and under. The museum and its shop is open from 10:30 in the morning to 6 in the evening every day except Tuesdays, major holidays, and any other special days for the museum.


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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Newport Centre – The Newport Centre is a large shopping mall with over 120 stores, services, and restaurants. It is the home of 6 anchor tenants. They feature stores like American Eagle, Coach, H&M, Hollister, JCPenney, Macy’s, and much more.
  • Edgewater City Place – The other major shopping destination in Jersey City is the Edgewater City Place. They feature plenty of stores like Banana Republic, Chico’s, GAP, Victoria’s Secret, and more. They also feature plenty of dining options.
  • Newport Plaza – Newport Plaza is another popular shopping area in Jersey City. This strip mall offers much to visitors, like a grocery store, large retailers, plenty of dining options, services, and a lot for entertainment.
  • Liberty House Restaurant – The Liberty House Restaurant is a popular upscale restaurant in Jersey City. It is rated the #1 fine-dining option in Jersey City by tripadvisor (in 2018).
  • Lighthorse Tavern – The Lighthorse Tavern is a popular local bar restaurant in Jersey City. They offer meaty options, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Lighthorse Tavern is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in Jersey City by tripadvisor (in 2018).


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