How to Enjoy Brooklyn, NY

Places to Visit/Things to Do

  • Coney Island

Want to reallyyyyy enjoy Brooklyn? Head over Coney Island, a popular New York neighborhood. But it’s not just a neighborhood; it’s also a beach. Coney Island features Luna Park, an amusement park, as well as several others. This is the perfect place for thrill-seekers. Other than boosting your adrenaline, there are also other fun things to do, especially in the summer. Catch movie nights, concerts, parades, and so much more. Since Coney Island has a variety of things to do, hours and prices depend on the activity. Some activities are also seasonal, meaning that summer will have different things to do than winter.


Who doesn’t love to relax in the beauty of nature? The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is perfect for just that. Founded in 1910, the gardens houses thousands of different plants which are spread out on over 52 acres. Other than flora, the museum is also the host to festivals in different seasons. In spring, the Sakura Matsuri Festival is held, during which many trees broom along the Cherry Esplanade.  For different months, the gardens have different hours in which they operate. Stay updated with their website for information on hours. Admission for adults costs $15, $8 for seniors and students, and free for those under 12. If you visit on Fridays before noon or on winter weekdays (December to February), admission is free.


  • Brooklyn Bridge

What goes well with the word “Brooklyn”? The word “bridge”. The Brooklyn Bridge is another popular place to visit in Brooklyn. Other than its practical purpose as the means of commute for millions, it is also the iconic landmark of Brooklyn. You can burn quite a few calories when exploring the bridge by walking, jogging, or biking across. A tip we have for you is to go early or late to avoid the traffic. The bridge isn’t too enjoyable when the crowds appear. Guess what? Access to the bridge is completely free for all 24 hours of the day! That means you won’t have to pay a price for the spectacular views of the skyline.


Are you an outdoor enthusiast or do you enjoy sports? Well, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is the place to go. Unlike other parks, where all you can do is walk or bike through serene woodland, the Brooklyn Bridge Park encourages visitors to participate in sports and such. An example of this in the park is the Pier 2. Pier 2 is designed for “active recreation.” In other words, you can play sports, take picnics, and roller skate here. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is truly “the city’s premier urban playground.” The park is open every day from 6 in the morning to 1 at night.

If you’re a fan of music, you MUST head over to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. BAM, as it’s more popularly known, is one of New York’s best cultural institutions. BAM began its performances in 1861, but only began performances in the current location in 1908. BAM presents to over 700,000 people per year, delivering “cutting edge” performances. The goal of the institution is for its visitors to experience entertaining and cultural performances. BAM’s facilities include an opera house, a cinema, a space for rentals, a rehearsal and performing space, a theater, and more. Prices and hours depend on the show and seats. For more information, keep updated with the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s website.

Best Way to Tour Brooklyn, NY

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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Fulton Mall – If you’re looking for a large shopping mall, Fulton is it. Anchored by stores like Macy’s, Fulton Mall has got you covered with more than 150 shops, restaurants, and services.
  • Gateway Mall –Gateway Mall is a suburban-style shopping mall in Brooklyn. Gateway is the perfect neighborhood shopping center with stores like Target, Home Depot, GAP, Five Below, and more.
  • Kings Plaza Mall – Most likely the largest mall in Brooklyn, the Kings Plaza is an amazing shopping destination. With hundreds of stores, restaurants, and services, the Kings Plaza Mall has you covered.
  • Atlantic Center –The Atlantic Center is another convenient shopping destination. It features stores like Target, Bath & Body Works, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory, and more. They also have several restaurants to choose from.
  • DeStefano’s Steakhouse –If you can afford a meal at DeStefano’s, you have to go. The American steakhouse is the perfect place for an amazing sit-down restaurant meal. It is rated the #1 fine dining restaurant in Brooklyn by tripadvisor (in 2018).
  • The Dead Rabbit –If you’re looking for local food, The Dead Rabbit is the place to go. It is more of a pub than a restaurant, but with great food. It is rated the #1 local cuisine in Brooklyn by tripadvisor (in 2018).


Enjoy your Vacation!

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